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200 м²

About project

The cave of a real man. Dark and ascetic at first glance, it reveals its features to guests gradually. The main thing that catches your eye is a table with a stone countertop, which seemed to be brought into the house with the thought: “I’ll just leave it here. Might be useful one day.” Such a solution and light carelessness of forms in other interior items well dilute the strictness of lines and dark colors of the room.

Fair coloured light and soft island with sofa helped to add some lively motifs to the castle, from where you can watch bonfire when if the TV already bore you.

Eco style motifs are the rule for such interior solutions. And the location of the house in Cyprus is given out by massive plants, which seem to have made their way through the windows inside. They together with windows to the floor and a chic terrace create a feeling of open space - as if it was not a house with walls at all, but a large arbor with amenities in the middle of the jungle.